Abortion Clinics South Africa abortion pills from R300

Abortion Clinics In South Africa Medical 0822375064 abortion termination of pregnancy Durban

0822375064 abortion termination of pregnancy Durban

safe abortion in durban

Safe abortion Pills

Abortion clinic

Thando Women Clinic in Durban, we offer women Medical care full service. Clients can choose from an assisted in clinic abortion or to have an abortion at their own time in their privacy using at home abortion pills
We offer different types of Abortion options depending on the choice, preferences, and affordability of the client.

Call Now +27822375064

abortion clinic pills
abortion clinic pills

Call Now +27822375064

Medical abortion clinic

After a proper assessment by the Doctors, we advise and recommend the best procedure for each individual according to their medical condition and medical background but we mainly use pills to do abortion.
All you have to do is contact us and speak to our friendly caring staff who will be ready and happy to respond to, You may get advises and do whats right when doing termination at right time right place with right people.

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