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Thando abortion clinic abortion pills abortion services Abortion Tablets we provide Medical safe abortion Services in Durban KwaZulu-Natal.

Our Services are professional, reliable, & affordable. We offer the best prices, free womb cleaning, and more. Your Privacy is guaranteed. Call now! 0822375064

 Abortion pills – medical abortion

The abortion pill

Abortion pills are sometimes confused with morning-after pills. The morning after pills are used after sex to prevent fertilization but abortion pills are used to a pregnant woman when one has tested and confirmed to be positive as seen two lines on pregnant test.

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We work hard to share facts about the abortion, what to consider beforehand, where to acquire quality abortion pills, how to use them safely, what to expect, and when to seek medical help if necessary.

We’re here to equip women with the information they need to safely navigate abortion on their own terms no matter what they are going through. 

If you have questions and would want more information please contact thando abortion clinic to provide you with all information on abortion services. 0822375064

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