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Abortion in Newcastle 0822375064

Termination of pregnancy pills in south Africa Newcastle we offer safe termination of pills from R300 if you are less than a week pregnancy, medical abortion pills its the only here we provide in Newcastle.

Thando Newcastle Medical Abortion Using Only Pills

From R300 0822375064

Call Now +27822375064

Abortion Pills /medical Termination of Pregnancy

We provide Safe, Same-day & Pain-free Pregnancy termination services from (1-20) weeks

our Medical  facility at affordable costs from R300 for a person less than a week.

Occasionally we advise you on which procedure is best for you depending on the Stage of your Pregnancy call us now +27822375064 for appointment 

Call Now +27822375064

Safe Abortion Use Pills From R300 Newcastle:

Womens’s / Abortion Service

We offer same day confidential medical abortion from R300, -above. we also provide free checkup after the termination is done, plus  womb cleaning also available as cheap as R100.

Call Now +27822375064


Offering professional, reliable, and affordable pain-free same day safe abortions services. Buy  pills in Newcastle.

No side effect, done same day from R300 buy abortion pills or do it here & go clean order now. around Newcastle town. womb cleaning.

Book For your abortion services now or make odder for Termination pills Newcastle clinic.


Particularly Offering professional, affordable, reliable, pain free, same day safe abortions services in Newcastle

Madadeni abortions clinic Osizweni abortions clinic and kzn Newcastle abortions clinic, neighboring areas Dundee abortions clinic.

Our services are professional, confidential and private. It is between you and the Doctor. We don’t disclose any one’s information to any person not even your family members or your partner without your consent.

Our staff members are competent, supportive, friendly. BOOK NOW on 0822375064 

Come Now Than Late to do Termination

Newcastle women’s clinic Remember: Termination of pregnancy is a time sensitive decision. Decide as soon as possible because what is in you keeps growing. At some point you will not get help because you will be LATE.

So decide and do it as soon as possible AND WE SHALL HELP YOU same day with no side effect same day use pills in Newcastle call us now or what’s app now and get help today.

Call Now +27822375064

Manual Aspiration Procedure

In the first instance Newcastle abortion clinic Many women are unaware that there are termination of pregnancy as methods that are best for ending early pregnancy called Abortion Pills.

Undoubtedly these methods are gentle to the body, and do not cause problems for future pregnancy. all ladies are welcome to use pills with no side effect and its effective same day call now 0822375064

Private And Professional Abortion Services

Call Now +27822375064

In particular Are you looking for a safe, privacy with confidential Termination Of Pregnancy, Newcastle abortion clinic is Thando womens clinic is the right place to terminate unwanted pregnancy.

Termination Pills Prices are affordable and negotiable as little as from R300 pills if you are less than a week. Only cash payments accepted for now till further notice.

Call Now +27822375064

Same-Day women’s Service Newcastle

Our services are GUARANTEED. We ensure that you get back your old fashioned body quickly and get on with your old life.

Abortion Procedure in Newcastle

Call Now +27822375064

We advise you on which procedure is best for you depending on the Stage of your Pregnancy .but we only use pills effective and happens same day.

How Much is Abortion in Newcastle

From R300 if you less than a week pregnancy,

there is no uniform price for abortion because the methods of termination use pills different and dosage are different in all month.

Termination pill are cheap, but here we only deal with pills only. there fore the duration of your pregnancy determines what you will pay.

A person who is one month will not pay the same price like a person who is 5 months. The earlier you terminate the cheaper it will be for you.

Its important to realize Termination is a time sensitive decision and action. there fore you have to decide and act early.

Whereas at some point you will not even get help. If your Month Are above 28 weeks what’s app now on 0822375064 and get help now.

Newcastle abortion clinic

Call Now +27822375064

Pain Free Abortion Clinic Services

Regardless of month medical abortion clinic procedures takes same day, no major complications, no risks for future ability to have children.

Get a legal termination of pregnancy at the Women Abortions Clinic one of South Africa’s most professional Legal Abortions Clinics

Legal Womens Clinic

Termination Of pregnancy is your legal right. So our Women’s Clinic provides legal abortions services using abortion pills We have a team of professional gynecologists & nurses,

who treat all our clients with distinctive care and the utmost respect

We Offer Safe And Same Day Service

In detail we offer same day confidential medical abortions, we also provide free checkup after the termination plus free womb cleaning.

Safe Abortions Clinic helps women who have decided to terminate their pregnancies in the first place its safe & legal way.

After Medical termination pills

After medical abortion you do not have vaginal intercourse or insert anything except pads because you can get pregnant very soon after the abortion,

so birth control is very important and common concern after stop bleeding.

We offer same day confidential medical termination, we also provide online checkup after the termination plus free womb cleaning.

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Newcastle Women’s clinic