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Durban Safe Abortion 0822375064

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The choice is yours and always will be. Your body, your choice. But that still doesn’t make it an easy one. Especially when you don’t know where to safely have the procedure carried out. Every second so many ads offering safe and painless abortions.

But who can be trusted? 

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Here We are the legal, safe abortion options near you, and We Provide Safe abortion service which is safe and we only use Tablets and same day results.

Here’s everything you need to know from A to Bortion…

Know your rights

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All women have the right to legal, safe abortions. This means that it doesn’t matter what age you are or what your family, husband or partner thinks. Essentially, it’s up to you. There is also no limit to the number of times you can have the procedure.

You have the right to choose what is best for you and your body.

Not all medical practitioners are willing to be involved in termination services.

This is their choice and that is fine. However, should they refuse to help you for whatever reason, they are obligated to refer you to someone or some place that will. It is the law. Know your rights and use them.

Know your options

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There are options when it comes to abortion methods. It’s important to speak to us as your helper medical practitioner about which will be the safest option for you but For us mainly deal with Medical abortion Using tablets which is safe and happens same day with no side effect.

Medical abortions: A medical abortion is performed using medication (pills or tablets) only. This option is available to women who are between one and twelve weeks pregnant.

The length of the process is different for each woman, but will usually take same day minimum of 4hrs.

Medical abortion pills


A medical abortion requires the use of tablets will stop the embryo from growing and the second, to causes contractions expelling the embryo.

Heavy bleeding occurs within the first one hours and you should expect to bleed or spot for about one weeks.

After 10 to 14 days it’s important to have a follow-up visit to ensure the abortion was successful. call us or whats app us now on 0822375064

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